Eye in the Sky (2015)

( Rating: 4.50 / 10 - 2 votes)

Eye in the Sky poster
  • Director:
    Gavin Hood
  • Writer:
    Guy Hibbert
  • Stars:
    Faisa Hassan, Aisha Takow, Armaan Haggio, Helen Mirren
  • Genre:
    Drama, Thriller, War
  • Runtime:
    102 min
  • Released:
    01 Apr 2016
  • Country:
    UK, South Africa
  • Language:
    Somali, English
  • When a military officer, col. Katherine Powell, who is in command of a secret operation to capture the terrorists in Kenya, sees that a little girl has entered the kill zone, everything changes. Now, they have to dispute and decide to try to either save the girl or just ignore her existence.

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